• Ring Spinning
• Open End
• DREF Spinning

We have invested in the most modern spinning facility in 2010 to spin the most intriguing fibres so that we can deliver the most challenging yarn to our customer at the most competitive rate.  Our state of the art quality control facility ensures that the yarn is monitored throughout the spinning process. We have 5 different processing lines to process different fibres and thus avoid contamination.

We can manufacture yarns with upto 4 different components on our ring frames machinery with count ranging from 4 Ne to 80 Ne. We also have Veejay Lakshmi Two for One Twister machinery with Mesdan Splicers and we can provide twisted yarn to our customers. On our Schlafhorst Open End Autocoros we can manufacture yarns with count ranging from 10 Ne to 30 Ne.

All the yarns are cleared on Loepfe Zenit and Uster Polymatic yarn clearance system.

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