We are located at Petlad, Gujarat in the western part of India and we are a pioneer in manufacturing technical textile yarns in India. Our foray into technical textiles started with the purchase of DREF II and III friction spinning machines.  
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We are India’s most diverse technical yarn manufacturer and we are devoted to design and manufacture multiperformance yarns.With over 40 years of experience in textiles and over 15 years of experience in technical textiles, we apply our expertise and research to develop technical textile products for our client’s most challenging needs. 
  Promoting Technical Textiles In India:  
  Ashutosh Fibre Pvt Ltd has taken an initiative to promote technical textiles in India. With our experience in spinning the most challenging fibres on our 5 different spinning lines we work with the technical textile manufacturers and help them develop sample yarn/fabric so that they can test it in the respective market. Most of the technical fibre needs to be imported and the cost is too high and it is not possible to import the yarn/fabric for trial purpose. We import a reasonable quantity of fibre for yarn/fabric conversion for our loyal customers and with our expertise and experience we can convert the fibre into yarn/fabric at a reasonable cost for prospective technical textiles manufacturers. We also have an expertise in most of the Heat and flame Retardant Inherent fibres and we can also answer several queries related to developing Heat and Flame Retardant Textiles.