AFPL undertook a project to manufacture low cost high performance multilayered Firesuits with Inherent flame retardant fibre and successfully manufactured 15 Multilayered MOST INDIGENIOUS firesuits for a Chemical Company. Our research and development staff is devoted to manufacturing products for the most demanding and challenging environments which require protection from heat and flame or other dangerous items.


dot Outer Shell Fabrics :
  - 100% Meta aramid
  - 95% Meta aramid/3% Para aramid /2% Antistatic
  - 50% Meta aramid/50% Para aramid
  - 74% Meta aramid/24% Para aramid/2% Antistatic
dot Thermal Liner Materials :
  - Spun Meta aramid with two layers of Non-woven Meta aramid Quilted
  - Spun Meta aramid with a Blend of Non-woven Meta aramid and Para   aramid Quilted
  - Spun Meta aramid with Non-woven Reprocessed Para aramid Quilted
dot Moisture Barrier :
  - Breathable Moisture Barrier with Meta aramid Substrate
dot 3M Reflective Trim
dot Meta aramid Accessories